1986 Kenworth W925 AR

An iconic, classic style Kenworth built to survive in Australia’s harsh conditions

1986 Kenworth W925 truck, December 2015

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The Story

By the 1980s American based truck manufacturer, Kenworth Trucks Australia, had risen to become the top selling heavy duty truck on the Australian market.

Kenworth succeeded where others before had failed…surviving in the gruelling Australian outback.

Kenworth established a well-deserved reputation for quality Australian design, engineering and reliability that other manufacturers could only dream about. With this hard earned reputation, the legend continued to build, and even today, Kenworth is still the number one heavy duty truck and has achieved iconic status in Australia.

The W925 AR series Kenworth with its traditional long nose and large chrome grille came to epitomise classic Kenworth toughness and rugged good looks. It came as a surprise to the industry when in May 1976 it was discontinued in Australia when it could not meet the latest government dimension regulations and was subsequently replaced by the shorter sloping bonnet W925 SAR. However, with persistent customer demand and revised government regulations, the W925 AR was re-introduced in November 1978 and continues to this day, but now as the T900 series.

Driver Classics 1986 Kenworth W925 was originally built with a two stroke V8 GM Detroit Diesel model 8V92 Silver 400hp engine, but was repowered during its working life with a 12.7 litre Detroit Diesel Series 60. The torsion bar rear suspension was also replaced with Kenworth air suspension. Our Kenworth gained dubious notoriety in its early days when it was involved in a cigarette heist of rather suspicious circumstances in Northern Victoria.

Driver Classics Kenworth was new to Blue Circle Southern Cement Ltd and delivered through Gilbert and Roach, Homebush NSW. Driver Classics acquired the Kenworth in April 2010 from Danny Epema, near Bendigo in Central Victoria.

Our Kenworth W925 AR is powered by a Detroit Diesel 4 stroke engine, 12.7 litre Series 60, 430hp with a 13 speed Eaton Fuller Roadranger transmission.