A Collection of Classic Buses, Trucks and Cars
 |  Melbourne, Australia


Vehicles formerly in the Driver Classics Heritage Fleet

About Driver Classics Heritage Fleet

The Driver family is proud to present our Classics collection of restored and preserved buses, trucks and cars from the 1930s through to the 1980s.

Since 1931, the three generations of the Driver family have seen many vehicles come and go. With a deep seated passion for our companies history and our industry in general, we have preserved these vehicles for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Over the years some vehicles were trend setters and game changers, others just did their job, while some did not even achieve that. But there were always vehicles that performed way above expectation and influenced progressive change in the industry.

With our collection, we have tried to find significant vehicles that stood out as leaders in design and reliability for their era. Our passion is for buses that we operated, or that were operated by companies that we acquired, or buses that operated in Australia and had a profound influence on our industry and our company. Because of our general interest in all things automotive, we have also collected cars and trucks that stood out in design or that we simply like.

Restoration of our Driver Classics collection has been done in our own Melbourne workshops and body shop by our dedicated and highly skilled staff. Our vehicles are regularly displayed at enthusiast shows and community events in and around Melbourne and country shows throughout our state of Victoria and on some occasions, even interstate. From time to time you may also see them in movies and TV shows and on display at transport museums around Victoria. They are not available for charter.

Each vehicle in our collection has detailed information displayed in ‘The Story’, directly following the pictures. All stories have been written and researched by Gary Driver with grateful assistance from the Bus and Coach Society of Victoria and the Flxible Clipper Club of Australia. Unless noted otherwise, all photos are from Gary Driver and Ralf Boetker.

We hope you enjoy these fine examples that helped build Australia’s bus, coach and automotive industry.