1950 Dodge DF1-08 ‘Pilot House’ light duty truck

An unrestored, display only pick-up truck

1950 Dodge Pilot House Pick Up Truck. Looks like tow mater from cars

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The Story

Produced in North America between 1948 and 1953, the Dodge Pilot House light duty trucks were also assembled and later manufactured by Chrysler in South Australia. The term ‘Pilot House’ was coined by Dodge to describe the taller cab and larger glass area which offered a better view of the road.

This Dodge was sold new in 1950 to Mr H A South, a farmer from Mundubbera, Queensland. Mr South used the Dodge on his farm until eventually it was left in a paddock to rot away.

In 1999, Mr South was having work done on a Bedford OB truck by Bill Cobden from Bill Budd’s Auto in Kirra, on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Mr South was struggling to pay for the work, so he struck a deal with Bill and gave him the Dodge as part payment.

Two weeks later it was purchased by Paul Wright, also from the Gold Coast. Driver Classics purchased the Dodge from Paul in October 2014.

It was initially thought to keep it ‘as is’ for a feature display on the back of the 1977 Kenworth W925 truck, as it is quite fascinating in its original state.

However, things change and it may end up being restored. We’ll see!

The Dodge is powered by a Dodge 218ci 6 cylinder petrol engine with a 3 speed column shift transmission.