1984 Eagle Model 10 R

Under Restoration
American Eagle... Soar Above the Rest!

Eagle Model 10 R Bus (1984 model), under restoration, Pakenham VIC, Photo taken June 2024

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About This Eagle Model 10R

Eagle Model 10 R Bus (1984 model), Builders plate, Photo taken June 2024
1984 Eagle Model 10 R builders’ plate - 60010, June 2024

This Eagle Model 10R was built in Harlingen, Texas USA in July 1984 as part of an order of fourteen Model 10s by Eagle Coach Sales Australia, for operators Greyhound, Brisbane QLD that took thirteen and Lever, Queanbeyan NSW that took one. The letter ‘R’ following Model 10 signifies Right Hand Drive. Doug Lever specified his Model 10R to include the ‘LT’ Luxury Touring package which was a higher specification than regular line haul models.

The Eagle Model 10R performed charter, tours and express nationally for Lever Coach Lines, Queanbeyan NSW until it was sold in 2000 to Larry Fallon, Alexandra VIC for charter, tours and school work. Fallon’s removed the toilet and fitted 57 fixed back seats and mandatory school signs. It was later bought by Ken Sims, Sprent, Tasmania where it performed charter and school work until it was retired. Driver Classics made several attempts to buy the Eagle from Ken and was successful in August 2023 with the Eagle finally arriving at Mt Waverley in November 2023.

This Eagle Model 10 is powered by a GM Detroit Diesel V6 2 stroke diesel, 552ci model 6V92TA, rear mounted in-line, with an Allison HT750 automatic transmission.

The Story

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