1968 GMC PD 4107 (Build #1137, Fleet #719)

The raised deck GMC PD 4107 was a stylish evolution of the GM PD 4106

1968 GMC PD4107 bus

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About This GMC PD-4107

Our GMC PD-4107 was built in May 1968 with General Motors’ build number 1137. It was Pioneer fleet #719 and converted to Right Hand Drive (RHD) by Ansair in Melbourne VIC. Pioneer’s fleet numbering system started with either 6 for the GM PD-4106s, 7 for the GM/GMC PD-4107s and 8 for the MCI MC7s, MC8s and MC9s followed by the unit number, which for this PD-4107, was 19. After the takeover of Ansett Pioneer in the late 1980s by Abeles (TNT) and Murdoch (News LTD), a prefix of one number and two letters was added, which for this PD-4107 was 1PC.

Fleet #719 passed from Ansett Pioneer to Alan Crawford’s Premier Roadlines, Adelaide SA and was later sold to Geoff Morris, Mt Gambier SA to be converted to a motorhome. Luckily, before the conversion started, Geoff sold #719 to Fawlty Tours, Adelaide SA who later sold #719 to Wayward Bus, Adelaide SA to continue in service, primarily operating a tour between Adelaide SA and Alice Springs NT. Driver Classics acquired #719 in 2007 from Wayward Bus with #719 then in the colours for the Ghost Rider movie starring Nicolas Cage. Driver Classics subsequently returned #719 back to its original Pioneer colours.

Bus in Ghost Rider movie, 1968 GMC PD4107, November 2007
1968 GMC PD 4107 (#1137) in the colours for the’ Ghost Rider’ movie, November 2007

The GMC PD 4107 is powered by a GM V8 2 stroke diesel engine, 568ci model 8V71, transversely rear mounted, with a 4 speed Spicer angle drive constant mesh transmission. The model designation PD-4107 stands for P - Parlour Coach, D - Diesel, 41 - 41 seats and the series, and 07 - the seventh model in the 41 seat series.

The Story

The raised deck GMC PD-4107 Luxury Liner was a stylish evolution of the PD 4106. It retained all the features of the PD 4106 but added vastly increased luggage capacity and better viewing for passengers because of its higher deck and a half styling. Its muscular stance coined some nick names…in Australia, the Jumbo and in the US, the Buffalo. Styling was inspired by the American Greyhound GM PD 4501 Scenicruiser. GM built 1,267 PD 4107s between 1966 and 1969 at GM Truck and Coach, Pontiac, Michigan, USA, with 27 purchased by Ansett Pioneer. Early PD 4107s were branded GM, but from early 1968 the brand was changed by General Motors to GMC.

PD4501 Scenicruiser bus
Tom McNally’s 1954 GM PD4501 Scenicruiser with The Bus Boys 1968 Flxible Flxliner behind, Memphis TN, USA, April 2013
1966 General Motors PD 4107 bus brochure cover
1966 GM PD 4107 brochure cover
Page from 1966 GM PD-4107 brochure.
1966 GM PD 4107 brochure page
Page from 1966 GM PD-4107 brochure. Interior illustration.
1966 GM PD 4107 brochure page
Pioneer promotion of the first General Motors GM PD 4107 bus coach order, circa 1966
Pioneer promotion of the first GM PD4107 coach order, circa 1966
Pioneer Express timetable from 1972 featuring GM PD 4107 bus. Pioneer Express promotional material, circa late 1960s featuring GM PD 4106 and GM PD 4107 buses.
Left: Pioneer Express timetable from 1972. Right: Pioneer Express promotional material, circa late 1960s.